Friday, May 15, 2015

The 11 Dimensions of TD, or: tower defense games in eleven dimensions

I think tower defense works in 11 dimensions.  Still fiddling with this number, and welcome comments.  But td works in SPACE, 2 types of TIME (general time of SPACE and time for particular things in the space), 3 types of PLACE (places of towers, heroes, and static baddies), 2 types of MOVEMENT (which is dynamic places of heroes and baddies), and 3 dimensions for TOWERS (type, powers, and relationships).

Tower dimensions are complex enough to be dealt with separately, or as a sub-dimensionality.  TYPE may be for defense or offense.  POWER deals with state of up- or down-grades of towers and the abilities that come from those states.  RELATIONSHIP has to do with what changes are caused by a tower's proximity or distance to other towers, heroes, baddies, or other features.

I think that adds up to 11.  Tower defense is, in general terms, at least an 11 dimensional game.

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