Friday, May 15, 2015

A new kind of game

Tower defense is a new kind of game.  ATARI's Rampart seems to be about the earliest example, and that came out in 1990.

Tower defense is not:
. A counting game (checkers, mancala)
. RPG (though there may be some role-playing elements involved -- as in you're the general of a base, or you're the commander of the forest guardians, etc.)
. A Risk-type territory grab -- though there are elements of territorial acquisition in some TDs

Tower defense could only have come about as a 'video game' or computer game, because it relies on real-time defense and upgrade of 'towers' and movements of aggressors... TD is a new (a generation old) type of game because it is multidimensional.

It works in at least 11 dimensions (more on that in future posts).

So maybe it's not so useful to think of it as just a kind of chess, go, or backgammon.  It's a whole new thang, man.

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