Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2 points on music. chill & defend with your towers

2 main points on music and td...

1. If the game is repetitive, you can probably do other stuff with the front brain and kind of play the game on autopilot.  In such cases, listen to podcasts (comics, debates, news, whatever) or listen to music that demands attention.  For me, attention-demanding music is lyric-heavy, or sometimes new music (even when it lacks words).

2. A really busy, engaging, challenging tower dense (or, true, other type of game) requires your attention.  Your brain will be busy.  It will be too busy to follow a subtle point on equivocation in a debate about economic policy -- so skip the podcasts, and go for chilled out music.

What music is good to play tower defense to?  Lots of choices are there for you, these days, with bifurcating subgenres of electronica, etc.  But on top rotation for me this week is...

Django Django

Casino Versus Japan


Azealia Banks

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